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6 de April, 2020
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27 de May, 2019
Fom the March 1st 2019, the Municipal Tourist Tax in Sintra for overnight accommodation came into effect, meaning 1€ per guest/night up to a maximum of 3 consecutive overnight stays. This tax is to be charged by tourism ventures and local establishments to their guests.
The Municipal Tourist Tax is to be charged to all guests, with some exemptions that have been defined by the Sintra City Council and are listed in their pamphlets. All the tourism entities - Hotels and AL, are obliged to charge their guests and to submit the tax to Sintra City Council.

Submission of the Municipal Tourist Tax has to be done every trimester until the 15th day of the month on the Sintra City Council digital platform and the data submitted relates to the previous trimester.

Two Question and Answer sessions were held by the Department for the Licensing of Economic Activities in July with regard to the how to register and submit the Municipal Tourist Tax on the digital platform.

ATS was present in both these sessions in representation of its members.

For submitting the touristic tax, click here.

Irene Figueiredo