Sintra Economy 20/30

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21 de July, 2019
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Sintra Economy 20/30
On October 26, 2018, the Congress of Economic Activities "Sintra Economia 20/30" was held at the Olga Cadaval Cultural Center in Sintra, whose purpose was the debate on economic development, environmental sustainability and technological innovation in the Municipality of Sintra.

Four areas of Sintra's economic activities were present: agriculture, commerce, industry, services and tourism.
In the Tourism working group, Joana Pascoal, President of the Sintra Tourism Association (ATS), was the spokesperson for the conclusions of the various group meetings that were held, and were made up of members from the Sintra City Council, Sintra Monte da Lua, André Jordan Group, Arribas Sintra Hotel, Estoril's School of Hospitality and Tourism and Hotel Penha Longa.

The objective of the tourism working group was to consider the challenges of the present, to contribute to the reflection of a strategy for the future, and to present solutions for the economic growth of the municipality of Sintra.

As a result, an analysis was made and solutions were presented which had to be monitored over time by the official entities; it was confirmed the necessity and urgency to make a strategic plan for the sector; emphasis was made on the necessity to focus on the digital media; and the creation of an observatory to study the profile of tourists visiting the region.

In addition to these themes, it was also discussed the relevance of balancing resident tourism and excursionist tourism, the problems of mobility and the need to create a cabinet within the Sintra City Council for the exclusive treatment of licensing and investments related to the activity tourism and hospitality.

Catarina Caracol