Open Letter – Tourist Tax 2020

Protocolo de Colaboração entre a Ambipombal, Recolha de Resíduos Industriais e ATS
Collaboration Protocol between Ambipombal, Industrial Waste Collection and ATS
10 de July, 2020
COVID 19 - Concentration Zone - Sintra
Concentration Zones and Support to Population – Covid-19
6 de April, 2020

In the context of the current pandemic, the ATS (Sintra Tourism Association) has taken several initiatives in defense and finding solutions for companies related to tourism.

For general knowledge, we disclose here the “Open Letter” (click to access the PDF) addressed on March 26 to the President of the Municipality of Sintra, Dr. Basílio Horta. In it, several proposals are listed, ranging from the freezing of municipal fees applicable to tourist activity, through the reduction of the IMI rate, to the speeding up, or even cancellation, of bureaucratic processes that in this period have no reason to exist.

In our demands, we have also expressed the concerns that Associates bring us to, taking into account the reality they face and the needs that are as pressing as they are immediate, which we need to address in order to overcome this phase in the best possible way. However, not forgetting to lose sight of what is necessary, even if it is foreseen slowly, the resumption of tourist activity.

Below, we transcribe the e-mail sent on April 9th, reiterating some requests expressed in the “Open Letter” of March 26th and reinforcing the awareness of the difficulties that the tourism sector in Sintra is experiencing.

“Honorable Mayor of Sintra

Dr. Basilio Horta,

Our respectful regards.

Following our open letter of March 26, 2020 and subsequent telephone contact, we have reiterated our request regarding the tourist tax.

As you know, the 1st quarter ended and the tourist tax declarations should be imputed on the platform until April 15, 2020. Due to the state of emergency and the “lay-off” situation that all tourism agents face at this moment we request a moratorium on payment for this quarter for the first quarter of 2021.

We continue to consider that at a time like this, the tourist tax should be suspended, as has already been done in other regions. In fact, there will be no product for charging this fee, so keeping it in force will only oblige the fulfillment of empty bureaucratic procedures of utility and revenue.

Meanwhile, we continue to prepare documents about the resumption of tourism activity. We are in the process of listening to the associates and defining a strategy on the issuing markets, disclosure channels and final recipients of the communication.

As soon as we have hard data, we will be happy to share it.

In addition, we are also collaborating with various CMS services to publicize needs or measures that our members can participate in the fight against Covid-19.

We remain fully available to collaborate in this joint effort!

We subscribe with high esteem and consideration

Joana Pascoal
Chairman of the Board”


Grateful for the attention. Disseminate this communication. If you are a tourist agent in Sintra or a promoter, but are not yet a member, contact us and join ATS. Tel: 910 401 175, e-mail:
“Together We Go Further”